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Te Whanake - Te Kākano

May 25, 2023

Te Kākano, the first book in the popular learning series, concentrates on the language needed for everyday situations, such as meeting people, introducing yourself, making arrangements, having meals, going shopping, talking on the phone, and going on a trip. Vocabulary to support this new language is introduced throughout, including words for family members, clothing, food and drink, transport, numbers, and occupations. Maps help locate the main tribal areas and culturally important places such as mountains, and provide the Māori names of towns and regions. It aims to provide the resources to enable and empower learners as they develop the ability to communicate in Māori, with a variety of activities to ensure that all language skills are developed — the receptive skills of listening and reading comprehension, and the productive skills of speaking and writing in te reo Māori. Including grammar notes, useful vocabulary, exercises, and working in conjunction with the Te Whanake podcast, the book has been carefully designed to help the learner progress in stages, beginning with the language required for common everyday situations and needs.

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