Welcome to Te Ipukarea

Te Ipukarea Research Institute was established in 2008, and is hosted by the Auckland University of Technology (AUT). The main focus of Te Ipukarea's research is Māori language, culture, and knowledge.

Te Whare o Rongomaurikura, the Centre for Language Revitalisation is located within Te Ipukarea, and reflects our commitment to Indigenous and endangered language revitalisation, beginning with te reo Māori (the Māori language).


Our Work

Our research focus is represented by four pou (pillars):

Te Whare o Rongomaurikura - Centre for Language Revitalisation includes language documentation, planning, policy, teaching and learning, and the normalisation of the Māori language in Aotearoa/New Zealand.
Taonga Tuku Iho refers to our traditional knowledge, including the oral tradition and arts.
Tino Rangatiratanga, which is a phrase from Te Tiriti o Waitangi (Treaty of Waitangi) that refers to Māori self-determination, includes research on Indigenous Peoples' rights, governance, education, well-being and policy.
Te Moana Nui is our pou that situates our research within 'our sea of islands' with a focus on comparative studies, the diaspora, environments and sustainability.   

Our guiding whakataukī is ‘whakatepea te kō’ which highlights our strategic team approach, including the weaving together of a research and community based agenda. Te Ipukarea also aims to be a space where Indigenous epistemologies and world-views are nurtured within the academy.

The Centre

The vision for Te Whare o Rongomaurikura, the Centre for Language Revitalisation is to develop expertise in Indigenous and endangered language revitalisation through excellent research and strong collaboration between researchers and language communities. It is a space where researchers, students, and practitioners in the field of language revitalisation can exchange ideas and learn from the experiences of other groups working to revive their languages.

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