The Centre

Welcome to the Centre

Te Whare o Rongomaurikura, the International Centre for Language Revitalisation, is located within Te Ipukarea at AUT.

The Centre was conceptualised and developed in response to international inquiries and requests from language revitalisation groups interested in the work being developed by Te Ipukarea for the Māori language. The establishment of the Centre has provided the opportunity to share the frameworks for these resources with other communities so that endangered languages globally may benefit from the research conducted by Te Ipukarea. 

Our Work

The vision for the Centre is to develop research and expertise in endangered, minoritised, and Indigenous language revitalisation with strong collaboration between researchers and language communities. The Centre also aims to be a space where Indigenous epistemologies and world-views are nurtured within the academic realm.  

Māori, Pacific, Indigenous and minoritised peoples all over the world are part of a quest to reclaim their voice, their language, their culture and their identity.  We hope to provide a forum where these struggles and successes can be shared, celebrated and learned from together as we all move forward on this journey to preserve and reinvigorate our languages for current and future generations.

International Collaborative Relationships


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